1.  What are data and information, and how are they related in a database?

2.  What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and what kind of a database is used in an ERP application?

3.  What is a DBMS?

4.  Why is a database considered to be "self-describing"?

5.  Who is E.F. Codd, and why is he significant in the development of modern database systems?

6.  What is SQL, and why is it important?

7.  Write an SQL SELECT statement to display all the columns of the STUDENT table but only those rows where the Grade column is greater than or equal to 90.

8.  Name and briefly describe the five SQL built-in functions.

9.  Write an SQL SELECT statement to count the number of rows in STUDENT table and display the result with the label NumStudents.

10.  What is an SQL subquery?